1.1I’m big on recycling things. I hate letting things go to waste when I know that I or someone else could make good use out of them! One thing that I’m constantly amazed by, is the wooden pallets that you see behind most retail stores from their regular shipments of inventory. It’s no secret that these are used for A LOT of things and it should be no surprise since most stores want people to take them. I recently came across this great idea that uses one pallet to make an awesome glass holder / wine rack and it can be even be changed to be a book shelf / coat rack!

The best thing about this wine rack idea is that it can fit to virtually any style home without looking tacky or cheap. This project also fairly straight-forward, not requiring a lot of handyman or woodworking skills and a short list of materials. The thing I love the most about this DIY rack is that the customization options are endless. Any color, any design (if you’re handy with a wood burner or even paint) can be done to make the rack match your kitchen or bar area! The materials and guide can be found at http://www.thekurtzcorner.com/2013/02/diy-wine-rack.html where they include a video as well!

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