The fall season will be here before you know it and I, for one, am very much looking forward to it. I always tell people I’d rather be cold than hot on pretty much any given day. And what’s not to love? The colors change, the cooler temperatures make being outside less miserable and it’s Halloween season! But with the seasonal shift we see the seasonal beers roll out for Fall and we can break out the Fall wines.

Fall means we can move away from some of the lighter wines and get into some of the reds, including the lighter varieties. Let’s face it. You can drink whatever wine/beer you want year-round but from personal experience a Guinness in the summer isn’t nearly as enjoyable as a Guinness in the fall or winter and for a lot of people it isn’t enjoyable any time of the year (I get why, it’s like motor oil but delicious).

leafs-2179812_1920So what wines do you “pair with the season”? After doing some research the general consensus is Pinot Noir, Merlot, oaked chards, sparklings, and soft red blends. Garnacha comes up on a lot of recommendations as well due to it’s rustic to fruity range. For something on the spicy and bold side, Cabernet Franc seems to fit the bill. The white that sees the most action during the fall is Viognier with a medium body but fuller flavors. In general bolder whites and lighter reds set the autumn season off.

Hopefully these give you an idea of what to replace in your cooler once the leaves start dropping. If you have a cooler full of summer wines then it’s time to give them a final send off and start drinking!

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