The year was 1992. Like this past year, 1992 was an election year. Over 15,000 reporters from around the country had flooded New York City to cover the Democratic National Convention. Hotels were full, restaurants saw a spike in business, and the city decided to do something that had never been done before.

Gaining the cooperation of a number of local restaurants, it dedicated a whole week to offering multiple-course meals to restaurant goers for a set price. That was the birth of Restaurant Week. After September 11, 2001, the city hosted another one to build up the hospitality industry after the terrorist attacks, and the movement has been gaining momentum ever since.

Cities and states all over the country use this event to boost business during slow times, allowing residentsOysters  and tourists to take advantage of deals while supporting local establishments. While the official South Carolina Restaurant Week of 2017 was held from January 12-21 (which also coincided with Charleston’s), Hilton Head decided to hold its ninth annual Chamber Restaurant Week from the 21st through the 28th, essentially extending the state event. 

This year, over 70 Hilton Head eateries are participating. A mix of both local and chain restaurants, some of them are offering prix fixe options, while others are dishing out specials on drinks and food. You can find a list of participating restaurants here

While we might be between holidays, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate something. And if we’re deciding on what to celebrate, well, food and drink are great options any day of the week.

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